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Chrome for Android adds second ‘Bookmark’ button to overflow menu

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While Chrome for Android has a simple UI when browsing the web, diving into the overflow menu disabuses you of that notion. It takes up the entire length of your screen at this point, and Chrome on Android is looking to add a second “Bookmark” button for some reason.

Update 2/23: Chrome 122 is now in stable and the second “Bookmark” button has widely rolled out. Meanwhile, “Listen to this page” isn’t available yet.

Original 2/19: At the moment, you bookmark a page by tapping the three-dot button in the top-right corner of the screen and hitting the star icon at the very top. 

The current Chrome Beta (122) for Android shows a second “Bookmark” button in-between “Share” and “Find in page.” It does the exact same thing, including telling you if a page has already been saved by filling in that star. 

Keep in mind that you’ll find “Bookmarks” two spots above to open the full manager, which was just redesigned. It also uses a star icon — for a total of three — that’s filled in but without using Dynamic Color. 

It’s not clear if the plan is to remove the bookmark button in the top row, but that comes at the expense of making the overflow menu longer. 

Google recently introduced “Clear browsing data” beneath “History,” which led Chrome to partition Downloads, Bookmarks, and Recent tabs into its own section. Meanwhile, Chrome 122 is rolling out “Listen to this page” lower in the menu. 

Chrome for iOS tackles the menu with a bottom sheet and carousel, and a broader redesign is hopefully on the table.

This second Bookmark button is widely rolled out in the Chrome 122 Beta, but that doesn’t guarantee it will hit Stable later this week.

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