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Google Chrome is preparing its own version of Android’s Circle to Search

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google circle to search

Circle to Search on Android is a very useful feature because of its simplicity and, from the looks of it, it’s also coming to Google Chrome on desktop platforms.

Google launched Circle to Search on Android earlier this year and has since expanded it to more devices. The feature works simply in that, once it’s activated, you can draw a circle around or type on whatever you want to get more information about.

Now, that functionality looks to be headed to Google Chrome.

As spotted by @Leopeva64 on Twitter/X, Google continues to be updating its work on a Circle to Search-like feature on Chrome.

This is basically a supercharged version of Google Lens, which already exists in Chrome. When pressing the sidebar Google shortcut, an updated UI pops up with a purple overlay, much like on Android. From there, you can click and drag to “circle” items on the screen.

Work on this UI has been ongoing for a while now, but the UI is clearly starting to mimic that of Circle to Search on Android.

As for when this feature will be available to users, that’s unclear. It’s not yet live by default even in Chrome Canary builds, so it may be a while before it rolls out. But, given that Google is talking about adding more AI features to Chrome, it only makes sense for this to arrive sooner than later.

Meanwhile, over on Microsoft Edge, a “Circle to Copilot” feature was also spotted earlier this year.

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