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Gemini Nano is coming to Chrome, starting with ‘Help Me Write’

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Google is bringing its signature AI-assisted “Help Me Write” feature to the Chrome browser with help from Gemini Nano.

One of the most straightforward use cases for generative AI is getting assistance with writing. As such, Google has brought the idea of “Help Me Write” to everything from Google Docs and Google Messages to Play Store listings and beyond.

Now, Google is unleashing the creative prowess of its Gemini AI upon the web at large. Starting with version 126 of the Chrome browser (available now in Canary), Gemini Nano is being integrated into the experience. From anywhere on the web, you’ll soon be able to get writing assistance directly from Google’s Gemini Nano.

For example, you could get help with writing a brief customer review for a business or drafting a social media post. Anywhere you might enter text on the web, Help Me Write will be ready to help out.

While a more advanced model like Gemini 1.5 Pro would likely produce higher-quality text, Gemini Nano is perfect for the job because it’s fast and, more importantly, privacy-conscious. As the AI model runs directly on your device, your prompt and related context stay within your control.

Unlike Gemini Nano’s currently limited availability on Android devices, Google tells us that it believes these AI-powered Chrome features will work on the vast majority of desktop/laptop devices. That said, the company suggested that the rollout may be staggered like most other Chrome feature launches.

Looking beyond Help Me Write, Google has also teased new Gemini-powered features that will become available to web developers. A new set of high-level web APIs will offer easy access to transcription, translation, and captioning provided by AI.

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