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Chrome 122 rolling out ‘Help me write’ in any text field

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Last month, Google Chrome started rolling out a generative AI-powered Tab Organizer and theme maker. Chrome 122 is now letting users opt-in to “Help me write.”

Help me write, like in Gmail and Google Docs, is now coming to any text field on the web for a more integrated experience than manually copying and pasting. This feature is powered by Google’s Gemini models. 

Right-click on a text field to bring up “Help me write” and enter a prompt. Google will “understand the context of the webpage you’re on to suggest relevant content.”

For example, if you’re writing a review for a pair of running shoes, Chrome will pull out key features from the product page that support your recommendation so it’s more valuable to potential shoppers.

The other way to use Help me write is by writing something, selecting it, and using the AI tool to refine. There are dropdown menus for “Length” (Shorten or Elaborate) and “Tone” (Casual or Formal) with the ability to regenerate at any time. 

This is rolling out with Chrome 122 on Mac and Windows for US English. If rolled out to your device, go to Chrome Settings > Experimental AI to enable “Help me write.”

Chrome 122 for Android should also start rolling out a “Listen to this page” text-to-speech capability. You can find the TTS capability in the overflow menu.

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