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You can use your Google Pixel as a webcam; here’s how

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pixel webcam

Android 14 introduced a new feature to the Google Pixel lineup that allows the device to be used as a webcam, generally heightening the quality of your video calls. Setting the Pixel up as a webcam is simple, and this guide will break it down.

Why use the Pixel as a webcam?

Depending on what kind of computer you use to take video calls, you might be one of the many that suffer from a case of “potato” cam. In most cases, your PC has a webcam, but it’s not very good. Another scenario may be that you have an external webcam, but the quality still isn’t where you’d want it to be.

The Pixel lineup has been recently known to carry some good camera hardware. It isn’t the best out there, but in photos, Google makes up for it with some impressive post-processing. Using the Pixel as a webcam means you’re likely to get a much better image, depending on what you’re currently using. On top of that, the setup is minimal, with absolutely no need to install third-party apps.

How to set up a Pixel webcam

Before trying to connect your Pixel to your computer, you’ll need to make sure you’re on at least Android 14. Previous versions of Google’s OS won’t allow you to turn your phone into a webcam.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Connect your Pixel phone to your computer using a USB-C cable.
  2. You’ll see Charging this device via USB. Tap it.
  3. From the options listed, hit Webcam.
  4. Wait a second for a new notification to appear that reads Webcam. Tap it.
  5. Adjust your preview by hitting the volume rocker or pinching the screen to adjust zoom.
    • Note: If the Webcam notification doesn’t appear, unplug your phone and try again. Some devices, like the Pixel Fold, may not have the option entirely.

You’ll want to head into whatever program you use to take video calls, whether that’s Zoom, Discord, Google Meet, or something else. Most programs will recognize your phone as “Android device.” You can hit the power button to lock your Google Pixel, and the webcam will continue to work. In Android 15, the preview will showcase an “HQ” button that will raise the quality of your shot.

The quality will not be as good as it is when taking pictures, as we mentioned above. But it will still likely be better than a lot of affordable webcams out there.

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