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You can now test to see if your car works with wireless Android Auto adapters

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aawireless android auto adapter

Android Auto is already a safer and more convenient way to use navigation and music apps in your car, but it’s even better when its wireless. Now, there’s a new compatibility test to see not only if your car works with Android Auto, but with wireless Android Auto adapters.

Google’s Android Auto platform is relatively new in the world of cars, only having been widely supported since around 2016-2017, depending on your car’s manufacturer. Around that time is when Android Auto and Apple CarPlay became standard features in most new vehicles. Wireless support, though, is still a rarity even in cars made nearly a decade later.

That’s why wireless adapters for Android Auto and CarPlay are so useful. But, even then, it’s always good to know if such an adapter even works in your vehicle.

The folks over at AAWireless, the first wireless adapter for Android Auto, have this week launched a new compatibility test. You can simply plug in your car’s make, model, and year to find out whether or not a wireless Android Auto adapter, specifically AAWireless, is supported in your vehicle. Though, technically speaking, most adapters will work if AAWireless does.

To use this new wireless Android Auto compatibility tool, simply head to AAWireless’ website. You’ll input your name, then your car’s brand and model. You’ll then be asked to narrow down the year the vehicle was made. Finally, you’ll be asked to input your email – this isn’t used to send marketing emails, AAWireless notes, but it will deliver the results which also appear on the webpage after you hit “Submit.” Unfortunately, there’s no way to skip inputting an email address.

This simple test takes out a good amount of guesswork. AAWireless tells 9to5Google that some examples of vehicles that wouldn’t be listed as compatible would be older models, head units that don’t support Android Auto, or vehicles/head units that already natively support wireless functionality, as those wouldn’t need a wireless adapter in the first place.

Alongside the launch of this new tool, AAWireless is also discounted to $59.49 on the company’s online store. The dongle is also discounted at Amazon by 15% off its usual price. The sale is in place through April 2.

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