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What happened to Android Auto’s settings redesign?

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android auto settings

Android Auto has changed a lot over the years, but one thing that hasn’t is the settings menu, and it’s severely overdue for it.

Over the past few years, Android Auto has had a few looks, with the latest adding a useful dashboard that can show multiple apps and sources of information at once. But throughout those designs, Google hasn’t done much to change the settings menu for Android Auto.

The last major redesign happened in 2020, which added things like the “Connect” button, the ability to edit the app drawer from your phone, and it also made some big improvements to organization.

Back in 2022, a new settings redesign for Android Auto appeared.

This new design promised a Material revamp to the whole menu, complete with support for dynamic colors and dark mode, neither of which the current design supports.

Yet, that new design never actually rolled out. It first appeared in Android Auto v7.5, but at this point the latest version is 11.7, and the new design still isn’t live. It’s still there within the app, and it’s even been slightly updated since 2022.

The Android Auto settings redesign in v11.7, which is still not live by default

Why is this still not live? Really, it’s hard to know. Google might be holding off just because this settings menu is a sensitive part of the software, but more likely, it just seems like this is slipping through the cracks. Hopefully, things will change soon, because this element of Android Auto continues to feel more and more outdated as time goes on.

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