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What Android apps do you want to have themed icon support? [Poll]

2 months ago 67

Material You themed icons in Android have come a long way since their debut in Android 12, with many more apps now supported. But, still, there are a lot of Android apps without themed icons? What’s missing on your homescreen?

Themed icons on Android are offered on Pixel, Samsung’s Galaxy devices, and a few other Android skins too. The option requires the developer to enable support, and will mix the app’s icon with colors that match the rest of the Material You color palette inspired by your wallpaper. It’s a super quick and easy way to create a cohesive theme on your Android device, but it’s also really frustrating when apps don’t support the option.

I’ve been fortunate on my own personal homescreen to have my main screen covered in apps that support themed icons. I didn’t really expect Spotify, Twitter/X, or Threads to support the option, but they all do. It’s a great look across all my devices, but it all falls apart on page two.

On that second page, my homescreen layout of years has roughly a 50/50 split of themed icon support. Google apps like Wallet, Maps, Keep, and Fitbit all have support, and there are quite a few third-party apps that have had support for a while like AccuWeather, UDisc, Reddit, Cash App, and more. I was also really glad that Meta stepped up with support on Instagram and Facebook last year.

But there are plenty of apps that just don’t support Android’s themed icons even after all this time has passed.

Some of the biggest offenders on my homescreen include:

  • Amazon
  • Feedly
  • GeForce Now
  • Netflix
  • Venmo
  • GPay
  • PayPal

And there are many others. Games, especially, don’t tend to use the feature, although I can understand not running these icons with games given their icons tend to be more complex. A few years in, though, it’s getting harder to excuse apps that ignore this entirely.

One of the most recent ones that has been frustrating is Microsoft Copilot. The AI service sits alongside ChatGPT and now Google Gemini in a foldable on my homescreen, and it sticks out like a sore thumb next to those. Microsoft as a whole has refused to get on board with this feature, with Office apps, Bing, OneDrive, and Outlook all skipping it. The only Microsoft app I’m aware of with themed icon support on Android is the Edge browser. It’s a bit crazy, in my own opinion, as Microsoft definitely has reason to keep up with new Android features given its investments with Samsung and its own Android-powered devices that the company claims to be “committed” to.

Google has, in the background, been working on an option that forces all apps to support this feature, but it’s yet to debut. Users can manually create their own themed icons for apps too, but it’s not particularly easy.

Themed icons admittedly aren’t for everyone. I do think it’s really easy to lose track of apps when this feature is turned on if you don’t know where they are. That’s especially true on Samsung devices, as One UI applies these icons system-wide instead of just on the homescreen, which is the wrong approach. Google gets this right, not even applying a themed icon in the app drawer, and only showing it when the app is placed on the homescreen.

But what about you? How many apps on your homescreen are missing themed icons? Vote in the poll below, and leave a comment with some of the biggest offenders on your homescreen.

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