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Verizon is raising the price of smartwatch plans

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Verizon is raising its price of smartwatch plans from $10 to $15, letting customers know in an email sent to those with affected plans.

Wear OS and Apple Watches utilize data on the go to connect to emergency services and take calls, if needed. It’s somewhat looked on as a luxury, as most people will have their watch connected to their phone most of the time.

That luxury looks to be getting even more costly. Verizon sent an email out to customers with smartwatch plans, letting them know that the $10 price they’re currently paying is rising to $15, which is a 50% increase in cost (via Android Authority). The new price will take effect on June 3, 2024, and those with currently in-place discounts will see those honored, though the price will still rise for them.

If you’re a Verizon customer and want to cancel the smartwatch plan, you may also have some trouble. Verizon is binding customers to their phone plans if devices aren’t paid off, according to one user. Even still, another user was able to cancel by explaining the situation to a Verizon rep. This might not always be the case, especially as Verizon cites the cost increase as a way to “continue improving our industry-leading network and services.”

A monthly cost of $15 might not be a lot, but after adding taxes and fees, some users are left paying more. Even then, this plan comes as an add-on with phone bills in family scenarios, which adds up tremendously.

Users will have until June 3 before the new pricing plan kicks in.

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