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So, what are you using as a Nest Secure replacement? [Poll]

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It’s been a couple of weeks since Google killed off Nest Secure, its only home security system, leaving owners to figure out something else. If you had a Nest Secure, what replacement are you using now?

Google pulled the plug on Nest Secure on April 8, roughly a year after announcing the shutdown. Nest Secure first debuted in 2017 and was discontinued in 2020. Google still supported the device up until this month, though it hasn’t released any new features in quite a long time.

Alternatives, as we’ve been talking about for the past couple of years, are scarce.

Google partnered with ADT to offer the home security company’s “Self Setup” system for free (and it’s quite a good deal), but our review explained how that system really doesn’t offer the same level of integration as Nest Secure, nor the same hardware features. Another option is Abode’s home security system, which also has Nest integration in its app.

On the other hand, there’s the tried and true SimpliSafe. That system has great hardware and a good monitoring setup, but it can get pricey, and lacks much Google integration. In fact, the only way to even use it with Assistant is to pay for the top-tier subscription.

I’ve also seen a few folks mention they’ll just keep using Nest Secure in its new offline setup. No phone alerts, but the system still chimes when you open and close doors, and can be armed with a siren when you leave home.

Personally, I’ve been using ADT’s system in my home, but only off and on. Since it ties so loosely into the rest of my Nest setup, I don’t really find it very well integrated into how I use my smart home. I hope that this gets fixed eventually, but I don’t have high hopes it’ll happen on the current model. Maybe on the next version.

So, the question is, what are you using? Did you find a system that works better than what we’ve mentioned above? Let’s discuss!

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