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Pixel 8 Super Bowl ad is about the camera and Guided Frame

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Google will once again have a Pixel commercial during the Super Bowl. The Pixel 8 and 8 Pro Super Bowl ad focuses on using the camera with Guided Frame. 

Google introduced Guided Frame on the Pixel 7 to help people who are blind or low-vision take a selfie with the help of audio cues (“Move your phone down,” “One face in frame,” and “Hold for photo”), haptic feedback, and high-contrast animations.

With the Pixel 8, rear camera support was introduced. Besides faces, Guided Frame can now recognize objects, like dogs and food/meals.

This Super Bowl ad is “about a blind man and his girlfriend, and we follow them on their journey together in growing closer.” It’s shot by blind director Adam Morse and Made by Google shared a behind-the-scenes look today. 

This blind man is able to capture all of these significant moments throughout their relationship with this Guided Frame AI feature.

Google calls Guided Frame an “AI feature” given the object detection at work:

We use Google AI to power Guided Frame to detect objects and then communicate them back to the users.

A Pixel 8 Pro with Guided Frame enabled is used by the actors, though the actual ad is shot using a regular professional camera. Petroleum jelly was applied “on the lens to just try to give us a basis of what this representation is gonna look like.”

I’m doing my best to translate an experience of blindness that feels authentic to me, that can also be accessible for people with sight.

Adam Morse

Expect the full Pixel 8 ad on Sunday, February 11 at Super Bowl LVIII (San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs). 

This follows a Pixel 6 Real Tone commercial in 2022 and last year’s Pixel 7 Magic Eraser clip. It remains to be seen whether other parts of the company will run advertising.

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