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Over 200 million cars have Android Auto, a decade after its debut

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Android Auto and CarPlay have just about become requirements for new car buyers at this point, and it’s clear that these platforms are very popular. In an update this week, Google confirmed that over 200 million cars are now on the road with Android Auto support.

Google’s Android Auto debuted in 2014, roughly a decade ago. The platform has evolved over time and, also, gotten a whole lot easier to get. Whether its built into your car or added after the fact, Android Auto is everyone.

As of 2024, Google says that there are now over 200 million cars “on the road” which are compatible with Android Auto. Google points to a few examples of vehicles that support the platform including from Nissan, Ford, Renault, and Acura. But, beyond that, there are almost countless other brands that support the platform such as Honda, Subaru, Kia, Chevrolet, and many, many more.

Google says:

With over 200 million cars on the road compatible with Android Auto, and nearly 40 car models like the Nissan Rogue, Renault R5, Acura ZDX, and Ford Explorer offering Google built-in, the time to bring your apps to cars is now.

Notably, Google doesn’t say these vehicles are currently running Android Auto, but are merely compatible with it. And nearly all of those cars will also be compatible with Apple’s CarPlay, too.

Next in line for Google is a focus on Android Automotive, which is showing up in more and more vehicles, especially in the wave of electric vehicles coming to market. Google announced that more apps are coming to Android Automotive at I/O this week, but there weren’t any big announcements for the phone-based Android Auto.

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