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Montblanc revives the Summit 3 Wear OS watch in a new blue colorway

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The Summit 3 from Montblanc is a gorgeous smartwatch that takes a lot of cues from the traditional craft it’s based on – watches. In an attempt to revive the model, Montblanc has released the Summit 3 in a new colorway called Glacier Blue.

When the Summit 3 was initially released, users were still working with Wear OS 3. For reference, Samsung just began moving on to Wear OS 5 with its lineup of smartwatches. The Summit 3 was a surprisingly decent watch that really valued style and looks over everything else, and at $1,300, it’s for a subset of users who favor style over performance.

The original design used a 42mm titanium case and a Snapdragon 4100+ that powered a 1.28-inch AMOLED display. None of that has changed in this new colorway, though the Glacier Blue option really breathes some new life into the model (via Digital Trends).

Unlike the previous versions, the new color adds a compass inlay to the bezel of the watch and a blue leather strap to accompany it. It looks like the bezel is designed to give off a two-tone reflection, varying from a darker blue to a lighter one.

Montblanc’s Glacier Blue variant of the Summit 3 is currently only available on the company’s UK website, leaving the US store with the older models alone. In fact, the new model sells for as much as the Yellow Gold version did, at a hefty $1,310 in the US. It would be safe to assume, then, that the new version would come in at the same price in the States. In the UK, the Glacier Blue colorway will sell for £1,140.00.

That’s a steep price for a watch that was released a few years ago and brings hardware from that same time period. Smartwatches are not timeless, but maybe the Montblanc Glacier Blue Summit 3 is.

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