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How many hours of YouTube do you watch per week? [Poll]

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In a world where we have streaming services coming out of the wazoo, YouTube is arguably one of the biggest platforms, but not everyone uses it daily. It had me thinking how many hours do you watch YouTube per week?

When you have so many services to decide between, various hobbies, favorite shows, movies, and content to consume, a one-stop shop is looking better than ever. YouTube might not be the best place to watch all types of media, but it has the lion’s share of user-generated content. You may know that we have a semi-popular 9to5Google YouTube channelgo subscribe if you haven’t already — and we’re eternally grateful that some of you tune into every single upload.

Personally, I have been a YouTube Premium subscriber on and off for about five years. The value of removing pre-roll and mid-roll ads is worth the fees to me. 99.9% of what I watch is on YouTube’s platform.

It’s still the best place for niche interest areas and the type of videos you won’t find on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Max, Crunchyroll, and the ever-growing list of streaming platforms. Plus the bundling in of YouTube Music makes it a better value proposition at $13.99 per month for someone like me who has a huge library of old Google Play Music uploads tied to my account. A lot of those other services listed can cost that for access to a limited library of content.

Google’s recent stance on adblocking and services that block ads coincides with a bigger push to siphon people to YouTube Premium. While some people will never be willing to pay for the streaming platform, there has been steady growth for the ad-free viewing experience.

A brief discussion in our team saw wild variances in how much we watch YouTube each week. I’m astounded that our Jordan Floyd watches in excess of 50 hours per week! I guess he’s finding enough content to keep him occupied each day. I’m on the middle of the scale, averaging about 30 hours weekly.

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watch youtube stats
watch youtube stats
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watch youtube stats

I’m fascinated by how often or how little people are using YouTube. Do you dip in and out? Or are you using it as your “main” streaming platform for content?

To find out your stats, open the YouTube app > Profile > Time watched. Let us know your results via the poll below. Also, drop a comment below about some of your favorite channels that we should check out.

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