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How are you using Android Auto? [Poll]

4 weeks ago 23

Android Auto and CarPlay have become invaluable tools in the car, but the features and tools, and how you are able to use them, have changed over time. How are you using Android Auto today?

The core idea of Android Auto is to extend the experience of using your smartphone into your car’s display. No setting up extra apps, dealing with complicated pairing or subscriptions, or anything like that. The platform just takes the apps, notifications, and familiar experiences from your phone and puts them on the car’s display in a format that’s safer to use while behind the wheel.

No fuss, just utility.

But since the platform first debuted, it’s also changed.

For instance, when Auto was first on the scene, the only way to use it was to plug your device into a supported vehicle. Quickly after, Google debuted support for running the platform on your phone’s display, extending the functionality to virtually anyone. Third-party head units also quickly followed to add support into older vehicles.

Then, as Android Auto changed its look, how you use it also changed.

Google lessened, then entirely removed support for using Android Auto on your phone’s display, focusing completely on the car’s display. That’s since led to the debut of newer standalone head units that take seconds to install and are generally quite affordable.

The further focus on the car connection also led to the expansive use of wireless Android Auto, which is now built into some cars, but is most commonly used by third-party adapters.

And, all the meanwhile, Android Automotive is being built out to expand features and functionality for the next generation of cars.

What about you? Do you have a car with Android Auto built in? Have you stopped using the platform since it was removed from phone screens?

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