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Here’s how much YouTube you view per week

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YouTube is one of the biggest streaming platforms, and we wanted to know how much content you consume per week. Here’s what you had to say.

Paying for YouTube Premium is a touchy subject. Sure, nobody should be forced to pay for a technically free service, but there is undoubted value in Google’s streaming service. Where else can you get such varied user-generated media that can rival many media industry stalwarts?

Lots of people love YouTube. We love YouTube, and so being a big skeptic, I don’t believe that 26% of you say you don’t watch content on the platform. Kudos if you really don’t, but that figure seems almost excessive. I agree with reader Eric who states that even embedded videos should count – maybe we should have specified for the pedants out there.

21% of you out there appear to have a healthy relationship with YouTube and watch between 1 and 10 hours per week. Reader Nicholas said they have cut down to just 2 hours per week from 7 hours per day. While reader Matt stated that they stick to embedded content and, therefore, only watch “an hour a week.”

How much YouTube 9to5Google readers consume per week

Almost 12% of you say you watch around 20-30 hours of YouTube content per week. Reader Bojan stated that YouTube is now their “go-to platform” aligns with this figure and they “don’t even watch TV anymore.” That seems to be a growing sentiment among many people we talk to about online streaming period.

Just 6% and 3% of you watch in that 30-40 hour and 40-50 hour timespan respectively. That’s effectively a full-time job watching content, but as ayyndrew states, you can hit that figure with background playback very easily. It’s one of those nice features that should not be kept behind a paywall in our opinion.

Around 7% watch over 50 hours per week. What’s interesting is that bambobo claims this is a “small number” for them. We’d love to see your stats bambobo, so please share them if 50 hours is not a lot! Again, you can bolster your viewing figures by using background playback or when listening to music via the YouTube application rather than YouTube Music. It can add up super quick.

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