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Hands-on: How the new Android ‘Bot’ figure compares to older collectibles

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android the bot figure 2024

After introducing “The Bot” last year as the updated Android mascot, a new mini collectible figure has arrived and, not only is it truly adorable, but it’s also a big improvement over older Android collectibles.

“The Bot” takes up as Android’s mascot with a 3D design that’s been super fun through Google’s various uses of the mascot, including the revival of “Androidify” that launched this week.

Now, you can bring “The Bot” to life with a vinyl mini figurine. The figure is the same 3-inch height as all of the classic Android collectibles, and that’s because it’s made by the same company – Dead Zebra. The figure was designed by Andrew Bell, the same mind behind the many years of Android collectibles we’ve had for years now.

In person, “The Bot” mini figure is just absolutely adorable.

The updated shape and proportions of the figure are just so cute and fun in a way that older ones weren’t. It’s ever-so-slightly taller and slightly wider. The arms and legs are also thicker, and the cutout between the body and head is smaller and looks more natural too.

Beyond that, though, the new figure also feels of higher quality. The posable arms and antenna are more secure. And, likely in good news for anyone like me who dropped one of the old figures only for an antenna to fall off, the new, much thicker antenna feel way more durable (no, I won’t be dropping it to find out).

There will always be a lot of charm to the older Android collectible figures, but I think “The Bot” redesign is going to go a long way in improving the next several years of these collectibles. I genuinely can’t wait to see what comes next with special editions of this figure.

Currently, “The Bot” is sold out at Google’s merchandise store, but it will be available from Dead Zebra’s online shop within the next few weeks. On Google’s store, it was selling for $16.

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