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Google Pixel is now guaranteed more software updates than iPhone, Apple details

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Google made a big commitment with the Pixel 8 last year with the promise of 7 years of software updates and, now, Apple has confirmed that that’s more than an iPhone will be guaranteed.

Apple has never had an explicit promise for how many software updates an iPhone will get. It has varied over the years between models, but, until recently, been more than any Android phones get. But, recently, Apple was forced to provide an official timeline for guaranteed support on the iPhone, and it’s less than what Google and Samsung now offer.

As spotted by the folks over at Android Authority, Apple was required to provide a “Defined Support Period” for the iPhone in a compliance statement for the UK’s PSTI regulation. As of April 29, the PSTI came into effect and enforced new requirements on internet-connected products, including better passwords and security, as well as public information on the minimum support period for a product specifically regarding security updates.

Apple, for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, set a defined support period of at least 5 years. This is available in a document published and hosted by Apple. The 5-year support period begins on the “first supply date” which, in the case of iPhone 15 Pro Max, falls on September 22, 2023.

That’s just the minimum, though.

Apple may support some devices for longer and it very likely will.

As it stands lately, a timeline of 5-6 years seems to be the standard at least for major updates. With iOS 17 for instance, Apple supports all iPhones dating back to the iPhone XS, which is coming up on its 6-year anniversary in September. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not iOS 18 supports the XS, as the X released the year prior was dropped after iOS 16. That said, Apple still provides security updates for far longer, with devices as far back as 2015’s iPhone 6s still getting security updates as 9to5Mac brings out.

But regardless, Apple has now explicitly confirmed that Google Pixel and select Samsung Galaxy smartphones now get more guaranteed updates than an iPhone does.

Google promises “at least” 7 years of support on Pixel 8, 8 Pro, and 8a in a policy that seems to be standard going forward for the lineup. That policy has oddly been questioned at times, with some suggesting Google won’t actually provide full Android OS updates for that whole time period, but the company’s language has been very clear on the matter.

Samsung, meanwhile, introduced a 7-year commitment on the Galaxy S24 series earlier this year, but has yet to extend that to any other devices. Other Android manufacturers haven’t stepped up to the same timeline, though, with OnePlus even suggesting it wouldn’t be able to provide that level of support.

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