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Android 15 DP2 slightly improves video quality when using Pixel as a webcam

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Android 15’s second developer preview is here, and while there’s not a ton new, those using their Pixel as a webcam are in for a treat, as the quality has been improved.

Google first launched support for using your Android phone as a webcam for a connected computer back in Android 14’s first update. But, even back then, it was clear the quality could be better.

In Android 15 Developer Preview 2, Google has added a new “HQ” toggle to the webcam preview.

This allows the quality of the feed to be at least slightly improved. Screenshots don’t do it justice, but as below you can see a slight boost mainly in sharpness when “HQ” is enabled. We did notice, though, that this greatly depends on lighting. In poor light, the “HQ” setting can actually look worse even if the details are finer.

The difference is not major, but it does look better when seeing the capture for yourself, rather than through a screenshot. Android Authority notes that battery and heat impacts were relatively minimal while running a Pixel 8 Pro as a webcam using the “HQ” feature (which was enabled manually, presumably on DP1) for over two hours.

Notably, you’re also now required to use your fingerprint/biometrics to authenticate the use of the webcam.

Do you use your Pixel as a webcam? Let us know in the comments below, and check out the rest of our DP2 coverage below.

HQ on versus off

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