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Android 14 for TVs brings new energy modes and the hope of better apps

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TVs that run Google’s OS will start to get Android 14 soon, which means more flexibility in terms of energy-saving modes and accessibility. Developers will also be getting access to Compose for TV in beta, which brings better tools that result in even better Android TV apps.

Android TV has generally been a well-performing OS for TVs across the market. It offers a well-rounded experience for those who stream most of their shows and users who like to keep a tight library of movies.

Android 14 coming to TVs means a couple of things off the bat. First, Google notes that Android 14 will offer a “snappier, more responsive TV experience.” The upgrade will also bring a new energy saver screen that will offer a couple of different settings.

The modes will range from low energy mode, which turns off the TVs internet connection while it’s in standby, to increased energy mode, which essentially keeps all network functionality on during standby. The middle ground, optimized energy mode, offers Google Cast functionality but only over Wi-Fi and not ethernet. The middle mode also allows for Google Assistant actions across devices. These settings not only apply for standby and power off but also when the input is switched to a console or something other than the built-in OS.

Android 14 will also allow for improved navigation and color correction. Google notes that some of this can be toggled on and off with remote shortcuts, which may vary from TV to TV. Google also noted that picture-in-picture mode will be supported on select Android 14 TV models.

On the app development side, Compose for TV is now available for developers, providing a full suite of tools to help them create better apps for the platform.

The toolkit will rollout in 1.0.0-beta01 and will carry dedicated components from Google’s design guide. Google is also bringing along improved input support and performance.

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