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Amid Facebook outage, Google services including YouTube and Gmail are suffering too

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A major outage from Meta has taken down Facebook, Instagram, and other products, but it seems that some users are also seeing issues with some Google services.

Earlier this morning users noticed a major outage with Meta services as 9to5Mac reports. This includes taking down Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and other services almost entirely. Users are either greeted with error messages or their account being logged out and unable to log back in.

Meta has acknowledged the issue, but services still largely appear to be down.

Meanwhile, some users are also reporting issues with Google services, with spiked of outage reports on DownDetector over the past hour both on Google and YouTube. There are far fewer reports of these services being down, and reports are already starting to subside as of 11:30 AM (EST), hinting these might just be a placebo to some extent.

Google did confirm, however, that YouTube is experiencing issues this morning.

thanks to everyone who sent notes about loading issues with YouTube: we're on it! 🔍

will follow up here once things are back to normal, you can also follow our Help Community post for details ➡️ https://t.co/4Ezmtku3Em

— TeamYouTube (@TeamYouTube) March 5, 2024

The Play Store was also having issues for some this morning.

On the Google Workspace Status Dashboard, Google also confirms there is an ongoing issue with Gmail. The company explains that errors and delays are currently more common among Gmail users.

Some Gmail users are experiencing elevated error rates while performing various actions and may also see delays in email delivery

The investigation is ongoing, and it’s unclear if it’s at all related to the ongoing Meta outage. Earlier today, though, it was confirmed that undersea cables in the Red Sea were damaged, which could be related, but it’s unclear at this point, as the disruption was mostly thought to be affecting the Middle East.

We’ll update this post as more details are available.

Update: Google says Gmail should be back in order, confirming that a “surge in traffic” was to blame for issues this morning.

We saw a surge in traffic starting around 7:25 AM Pacific Time on March 5, and we scaled up our systems to serve the additional load.

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